Our Mission

To create 10 Thousand Web3 athlete entrepreneurs.

We want YOU to be the primary beneficiary of your efforts by creating your own brands and businesses. We want YOU to be the primary beneficiary of your labor, and want you to understand business before you delegate it to someone else.

We aim to eliminate the global exploitation of athletes.

When you understand how easy it is, you'll also understand the value of your business and can check the work that's being delegated. We want to create 10k savvy business people.

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The story of our founders

We are building the Decentralized Athlete Playground, and a component we realized was missing was the educational materials and hands on instruction on how to activate all of the opportunities and elements of the JRZYVERSE.

The biggest challenge is just getting started and comfortable in your new shoes, and since we've done these things countless times ourselves, we knew it was only right for us to share the gold mine of information that we've gathered over the years as founders in tech.

The mission behind JRZYversity

We're on a mission to bring ownership to athletes. Ownership of your brand, ownership of your business, and ownership of your opportunities. This starts with the education and resources to activate entrepreneurship on your own.

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Our work values

Successful entrepreneurs need a team

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You'll get everything we have. We're committed to making sure your experience is valuable and is worth more than what you've paid for it.

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We want to introduce the power of ownership and lower the bar of accessibility. We've learned that most things in business aren't nearly as hard as we've all been taught to believe.

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We're dedicated to creating owners who are capable of independent economic opportunities and futures.

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We're a tech company. Innovation is our expertise. As we innovate and learn, we'll share the same lessons and information that we learn as we go with with our community.

Our experts

Check out our lineup of experts. We teach you the right skills to be prepared for the future.

Our company history

JRZYversity is Tech x Education x Future

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Launched JRZYversity

JRZYversity is live, with 10 introductory courses availabile for students.

Coming Soon

More Courses & More Teachers

Scaling and offering more value, materials, and experts are next immediate objecetives.

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Our mission is to make Web3, business, and tech educational resources accessible and we'll offer scholarships and opportunities with revenue.

Coming Soon

10k Entrepreneurs & New Web3 Users

Our first milestone is 10k new entrepreneurs and new adopters of Web3. The future of tech and the world requires theses spaces that are the foundation of future wealth also being accessible, inviting, and inclusive.

Our offices

All courses and events are virtual.

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400 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127
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